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Ramith Hettiarachchi from team Siraa, Pasindu Wijesena and Ravindu Ramesh Perera from team FkrBk, Chamath Ekanayake from team FkrBkX were able to secure first, second and sixth positions from Sri Lanka at the recently concluded IEEEXtreme 15.0 competition.

Engineering Team
Pasindu Wijesena
Competitive programming enthusiast. Full-stack software engineer. Researcher on music information retrieval techniques with artificial intelligence. Experience in building scalable web and mobile applications, and leading teams to build comprehensive software solutions.
Nandun Yashmika
A programmer, developer who has learned to code through trial and error. Full stack developer with expertise in JS/TS based technologies.
Ravindu Ramesh Perera
Passionate programmer, trainer and volunteer. Experience in web development, data science, machine learning and cloud computing with GCP.
Nishan Wijethunga
Experience in UI/UX and web development.
Sashika Nawarathne
Experience in mobile application development with Flutter and Kotlin, and Machine learning with Python and Tensorflow.
Vidura Dhananjaya
Jack of All Trades, Story Teller, Trainer and Passionate Volunteer.
Chamath Ekanayake
Self-taught graphic designer, pragmatic programmer, and certificated ethical hacker.A diversified individual with knowledge in both physical sciences and business management. Interested in researching the areas of information security and machine learning.
Seniya Dissanayake
A self-taught programmer, Who have experience in react.js web development.
Research Team
Ramith Hettiarachchi
Ramith believes in technology to empower people’s lives. He invests time in technology and volunteering to discover his reason for being. His research interests include Signal Processing , Machine Learning & Computer Vision. He has previously worked as research student at the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group at CSIRO DATA61
Kithmini Herath
Kithmini's research interests include signal processing, machine learning and Human Computer Interaction. She recently followed a 6-month internship as a Visiting Researcher (Student) in the School of Computer Science within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney, Australia.
Udith Haputhanthri
Udith Haputhanthri's research interests include Deep Learning, Medical Imaging, Generative Adversarial Networks. He recently published papers related to Generative Adversarial Networks and Biomedical signal processing.
Mohamed Afham
Afham is passionate in Machine Learning and has cutting-edge research experience in Few-Shot Learning, Meta-Learning in Computer Vision. He has won awards in IEEE SMC conference, International Mathematics Competition for University Students and International Mathematics Olympiad.
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